EuroHeat&Power – The trade magazine for heating, cooling and cogeneration

EuroHeat&Power trade magazine is the leading information medium for decision makers in the heating market. 

Focused entirely on this market, the international edition of EuroHeat&Power deals with all aspects of the commercial heat supply process chain. The specialist reporting reflects the latest scientific and subject-specific European expertise on developments in the sector, technical innovations, as well as trends in energy policy and the energy industry. EuroHeat&Power trade magazine for combined heat and power (CHP), district heating and contracting is a reliable source of information for anyone engaged in issues relating to district heating, district cooling, cogeneration (CHP) and contracting.

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Die internationale Ausgabe der EuroHeat&Power erscheint in englischer Sprache.

Auf dem internationalen Parkett trifft die EuroHeat&Power mit ihrer Fokussierung auf die Marktsegmente Kraft-Wärme-Kopplung, Nahwärme, Fernwärme sowie Contracting auf ein enormes Marktpotenzial. Jede Ausgabe der EuroHeat&Power behandelt die Thematik der gesamten Prozesskette im Wärmemarkt. Die Fachberichterstattung spiegelt wissenschaftlich und fachspezifisch europäisches Know-how über Entwicklungen in der Branche, technische Innovationen oder energiepolitische wie energiewirtschaftliche Trends.

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EuroHeat&Power is the key European communication medium for decision makers in the sectors cogeneration, district heating and contracting. EuroHeat&Power is also the trade journal to cover the entire process chain of commercial heat supply: utility companies, component manufacturers and suppliers, service providers including planning, consultancy and engineering firms, public authorities and organisations involved in energy supply and energy policies, as well as research institutes and scientific establishments. This makes EuroHeat&Power a reliable source of information and an attractive advertising channel offering a diverse range of advertising options:

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Are you an expert in a topic of the heating market? Do you want to share your knowledge? Then use EuroHeat&Power as the communication platform for publishing your professional article. Specialist contributions with a practical orientation from manufacturing firms and the supply industry are equally welcome.

The EuroHeat&Power editorial team will be happy to provide any further information you require.

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All print editions are also issued as e-magazines with archive and research functions.

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